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Russian National Exhibition to Take Place on November 18-21 in Chicago

Russian National Exhibition is opening on November 18 in McCormick Place, Chicago, IL. The organizer is the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation. The event is supported by Mayor of Chicago, Richard M.Daley.

The history of Russian-American relationship counts 200 years. Today we face the need of the relationships reset, expanding of mutually beneficial bilateral connections, and search for new solutions for the countries mutual approach in wide range of issues.

Russian National Exhibition is to become another step of this process. Its goal is, first of all, further development and strengthening of bilateral business and economic relations, expanding of existing and development of new directions in the spheres of energy industry, machine building, metallurgy, agriculture, health care, and tourism. Much attention is paid to education: creating of the conditions for scientific and educational programs, expanding of students and young scientists exchange, accelerating of creating new research centers and technical parks.

Most of the exposition is focused on innovations. It includes the presentations of projects in various spheres of economy, improvement of innovative infrastructure, venture projects implementation experience in machine building, metallurgy, mining, oil, airspace, pharmaceutical, and other science-intensive industries. The representatives of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation, the Federal Agency for Science and Innovations (Rosnauka), Russian Academy of Sciences, research and technical parks, research institutes, scientific and commissioning organizations, venture funds, and private investors took active part in the formation of innovative part of the Exhibition.

The exposition demonstrates some priority directions of Russian-U.S. cooperation. In the sphere of energy industry it is alternative energy and joint energy saving projects; in agriculture it is up-to-date technologies implementation.

In the Russia Today part of the exhibition the strategy of social and economic development of Russian Federation up to 2020 will be presented, as well as the information about Russian economy, resources base, investment climate, scientific potential, culture, and traditions. Much attention is paid to priority national projects such as residence, quality education, health care, and agriculture.

General informational partner of the Russian National Exhibition is Yandex. Informational support in Russia is provided by, Izvestia, and Argumenty Nedeli editions. From the U.S. side the event is supported by the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia, World Business of Chicago, Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce, the US-Russian Business Council, Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, and Mid-Atlantic Russia Business Council.

The exhibition will be accompanied by wide business program including conferences and panel discussions to discuss the whole range of issues related to new strategies of cooperation in the sphere of innovations, expanding of trade and economic cooperation in new economic conditions, and development of cultural exchange. The general aim of all discussions is expanding of cooperation based on national interests coincidence.

The most interesting panel discussions are the discussions on life science, compatriots, innovations, finance and investments.

The managing company of the Russian National Exhibition is Intellectual Recourses, Ltd., Phone/Fax: +7 495 9800608

For Reference (according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation)

The relationships with the United States are one of the priorities of Russias foreign policy and important factor of international stability. The key aims are their sustainable development in constructive and predictable way, expanding of interests coincidence, and search for compromises taking into account national interests of both countries.

Today the USA is one of the key trade partners of Russia. Russian-American trade turnover in 2008 grew by 35% and amounted $36.1bn. At that the volume of Russian export to the Unites States increased by $7.5bn and amounted $26.8. Import volume increased by $1.9bn, to $9.3bn.

Surplus accounts of Russia increased by 45% ($5.4bn), to $17.5bn. At that the supplies from Russia increased by 38 %, trade flow from the USA grew by 27%. The share of Russia in the U.S. trade turnover increased by 0.3% and amounted 1.1 % (23rd place in the U.S. trade partners list in terms of trade turnover).

Russian export keep raw materials trend. It includes mostly energy recourses, first of all, oil and oil products ($17bn or 63.4 % of supplies volume). Significant part of the export is metals and metal products ($3.9bn), chemical industry products ($1.8bn), as well as precious metals, stones and the products ($1.6bn).

As per the results of 2008 the U.S are at the 8th place ($8.8bn) in terms of foreign investments in Russia (or 3.3% of the total volume, $265bn). The United Sates are on the 6th place in terms of direct investments into Russian economy ($3.2bn). American direct investments are made mostly into manufacturing sector (75%). About a half of investments are made into fuel and energy industry. Among main projects are Sakhalin-1 (Exxonmobil) and Caspian Pipeline Consortium (Chevron, Exxonmobil, and Kerr-McGee).

Timetable of Russian-American cooperation in 2009

On January 31, the Government of the Russian Federation issued Resolution ¹ 93p, declaring the first Russian National Exhibition to be held in the U.S.

On February 19, U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden promised EU leaders the assurance of the U.S. President that a reset of Russian-American relations was underway. Reports about Russia in the U.S. media subsequently began to become more positive, due to the sensation of an imminent decline in the tensions between the two countries.

Two weeks later, in March, U.S. President Barack Obama repeated these words of assurance, stating that due to the past positive experiences of collaboration between Russia and the U.S., a reset, a completely new approach towards relations, was needed.

On April 1, at the first meeting of the U.S. and Russian Presidents in London, a common declaration was issued regarding the necessity of inspiring a new dynamic in business and commercial relations. The common declaration states that business leaders in both countries should use all the opportunities available to generate economic cooperation.

On July 7, U.S. President Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev met once again, this time in Moscow with the participants in the U.S.-Russia Business Forum, to reaffirm their intention to bring about a new stage in Russian-American relations. By mutual agreement, the U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission was established, with a mandate for industry groups to coordinate their activities. The business communities of both countries were offered detailed initiatives and projects regarding financial mechanisms, and tasked with defending consumer rights and investments and modernizing export control schemes.

On July 21, the Russian Minister of Industry and Trade, Viktor Khristenko, met the U.S. Ambassador to Russia, John Beyrle, in Moscow. The main topics of discussion included the development of business connections, economic and trade relations between Russia and the U.S., and the prospects of cooperation between high-technology companies. Mr. Khristenko remarked on the importance of maintaining most favored nation status for all bilateral projects, for the duration of the global economic crisis. Both delegations noted the great potential for cooperation in the automotive industry, mining and metals, airplane and helicopter manufacturing, engine manufacturing, and biotechnology. At the end of the meeting, Mr. Khristenko stated once more that, in many of the discussed sectors, new and mutually-beneficial initiatives might begin during the Russian National Exhibition in Chicago.

On August 4, U.S. President Obama and Russian President Medvedev, during telephone conversation, noted the importance of maintaining trust between their administrations.

On September 35 Mayor of Chicago, Richard Daley, visited Moscow.

Mayor of Chicago, Mr Richard M. Daley gave an interview to Russian Vesti TV company

On September 4 during his presentation in Ritz Carlton hotel in Moscow Richard Daley talked about current steps on turning Chicago into a city of global importance. He also announced his support for the Russian National Exhibition in Chicago and accompanying business program on November 1720.

On November 1821, the Russian National Exhibition is to be held in Chicagos McCormick Place convention center.

On November 1820, jointly with the Russian National Exhibition, the forum Russia-U.S.: Reset of Relations: Points of Growth Under New Economic Conditions will be held, with the goal of identifying new prospects and directions for Russian-American cooperation.

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The phone/fax of the exhibition managing company, Intellectual Resources Co., is: +7 495 9800608

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