Mass Media Accreditation

Dear Reporters, We hope that the Exhibition and events announced in the Program will be interesting for you and become actual piece information for your media.

For all questions about accreditation you can contact us at +1 (224) 200-3078 or,

To be provided by comfortable facilities please study the rules of accreditation and work of mass media at the Russian National Exhibition.

Rules of accreditation and work of mass media

  1. Initial point for the procedure of consideration of accreditation to Russian National Exhibition is an application form from the head or representative of mass media.
  2. For accreditation of reporters to the Russian National Exhibition the head of mass media sends accreditation application form by fax +7 (495) 980-0608. There should be put the following data: the name of mass media, full name of the head of mass media, company address, contact phone and email and also full name of the reporter who has to be accredited. You can also fill out the accreditation application form online.
  3. All other accreditation cards and documents are not valid.
  4. The number of reporters from one mass media is not limited. Technical personnel of mass media which is engaged in the work process of accredited reporters are not due to be accredited and fulfill their duties by endorsement with the board of Russian National Exhibition at the place.
  5. The decision of accreditation is made by Organization Committee of the Exhibition in case of following this Rules by a mass media. The decision is reported to the applied mass media.
  6. Accredited reporters are given the pass of due form. Giving out the pass is made at the board of Exhibition by arrival of accredited reporters to the Exhibition in accordance with the formed lists. The pass is valid for all time of work at the Exhibition.
  7. Organization Committee can reject the reporter in accreditation without explanation of reasons.

Rights and duties of accredited reporters

An accredited reporter has the following rights:

  1. Free entrance to the exposition;
  2. Get the press kit package and press-releases;
  3. Visit all events hold in frames of Russian National Exhibition excluding those requiring special invitations;
  4. Make records at Russian National Exhibition, including audio-, video-, cinema- and photo records excluding the cases described by the law.
  5. Get by endorsement with Organization Committee an additional information in form of comments and explanations of the related authorized persons.

An accredited reporter is due to:

  1. Comply the law of Russian Federation “On Mass Media” (for Russian mass media);
  2. Check trustworthiness of an information;
  3. Respect the rights, legal interests and business reputation of the organizers, exhibitors and guests of Russian National Exhibition, as well as honour and dignity of the authorities;
  4. Get the permit from the exhibitor for audio-, video- or photo- records of his exhibition booth if such records are supposed to be made.

Rules of publication and broadcasting of the materials

  1. Ongoing publication of photographic materials in printed or electronic version as well as broadcasting of video should be supplied with the reference to the place of recording - Russian National Exhibition, November 18-21, 2009, Chicago, USA.
  2. A use of the recorded materials in the content which can make a commercial or ethic loss to organizers or exhibitors is prohibited.
  3. Representatives of mass media must hold the materials to be published or its copies for approval to Organization committee.
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